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Chevy Crossmembers

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'62-'67 NOVA

Now you can give your '62-67 Chevy Nova the lowered look and superior handling the street rods have enjoyed for years. Heidt's now offers Mustang II Front Suspension crossmembers and components for '62-'67 Novas to make it easy!


This new Mustang II Crossmember is specifically designed to fit the front frame of the '62-'67 Nova. This independent front crossmember (IFS) kit welds right into place, and is prefitted to maintain the proper geometry, with factory anti-dive built right in. The wide spread of the upper control mounting points which match the original Mustang I, provides plenty of clearance for even big block Chevy motors. For a trick installation, Tubular Upper and Full Lower A-Arms, 2" Dropped Spindles, Coil-Over Shocks (p. 28), and Disc Brake Kits(P. 30, 31), will get you going. Polished Stainless Control Arms and Billet Disc Brake Kits are the ultimate coolness. Stock '74-'78 Mustang II or '74-'80 Pinto components can also be used, however we recommend the use of Tubular Strut Rods rather than factory strut rods due to the angle of the factory units.

Crossmember, Economy, CX-320-E  


Sub-Frame/Crossmember Assembly, CX-320-S
NO WELDING! Now install a Heidt's Mustang II IFS in your Nova with no welding. Even the motor mounts are already welded in place. Simply unbolt your complete front clip and bolt in the Heidt's complete suspension subframe. Install the firewall supports, bolt on the suspension components and you are all set. The stock radiator mount even bolts right up. Since this is a no weld installation, we require you to use our Full Lower A-Arms. as we welded the sleeves in place for you and the factory strut rods don't work well anyway. All the other factory Mustang II components can be used.
Sub-Frame/Crossmember Assembly, CX-320-S
Rubber Motor Mounts, MM-120, pr.
Subframe-2.jpg (14317 bytes)

Now you can have a SUPERIDE IITM SUBFRAME for your `62-`67 Chevy Nova from Heidt’s Hot Rod Shop, the leader in suspension products in the Street Rod market. This is a fully bolt-on suspension subframe with complete suspension components. It just bolts right on to the firewall in place of the original subframe with no welding, just as their highly successful original subframe using the Heidt’s suspension package. This one includes fully adjustable coil-over shock assemblies, with chrome springs. The billet aluminum coil-overs are offered in both plain and polished finish and are fully adjustable in dampening and spring rate selection. This subframe also includes many other standard features such as tubular control arms, 11” disc brakes, manual rack & pinion steering, motor mount stands welded in place and firewall tubes with shims. The list of options is the largest in the industry. Some of the options not available on other competitors products are power steering, narrowed control arms (for those wide hides), and adjustable firewall tubes which do not use shims. And for those who have to have the most of everything, Heidt’s offers their 13” 6 piston monster big brakes! This particular package is a special configuration designed at Heidt’s which does not move the wheels out. Very important if you are using narrowed arms to bring the wheels in. It is offered with the black or polished calipers. Other standard options include polished stainless steel control arms, polished 4 piston calipers for the 11” brakes, polished billet hubs, dropped spindles, sway bar, and inner fender panels.

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