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Mustang II Tubular Control Arms

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At Rods 'n Wheels, Inc. we now offer the Mustang II Tubular Control Arm kits at an even better price. Remember to give us a call if you want to try and get our discounted prices on our items.

Upper A-Arms (Pair)

Tubular Upper A-Arms, Plain CA-101
Tubular Upper A-Arms, Stainless CA-101-SS


Tubular Upper A-Arms are the ultimate in looks. Direct replacement for stock upper-A-arms, providing more clearance for stock sheet metal. All welds are heli-arc welded for maximum strength and appearance. Fits Heidt's and most other IFS kits. Arms arrive fully assembled, ready to install, including ball joints, bushing and cross shafts. D-Arms are designed to fit factory crossmembers or kits with large spring towers.

Total weight: 24lbs. Shipping: Within 24 hours.

Lower A-Arms (Pair)

Tubular Lower A-Arms, Plain CA-103
Tubular Lower A-Arms, Stainless CA-103-SS


Full A-Arm Lower Control Arm uses no strut rod! Triangulated A-Arm design, similar to factory G.M. control arms, provides stability and strength within the arm itself. All welds are Heli-arc welded for ultimate strength and appearance. Comes complete, ready to install with mounting bolts, spacers, shock bolts, nuts, installed ball joints and bushings. For sway bar, must use SB-012 bracket.

Total weight: 24lbs. Shipping: Within 24 hours.

Lower Control Arms (Pair)

Tubular Lower Control Arms, Plain CA-102
Tubular Lower Control Arms, Stainless CA-102-SS


These Tubular Lower Control Arms are direct replacement for factory lower control arms. Uses stock Mustang Il/Pinto shocks, springs and strut rods. Arms arrive fully assembled ready to install, with lower shock bolts and nuts. Ball joints and bushings installed. All welds heli-arc welded for maximum strength and appearance. Fits all Heidt's Mustang II IFS kits as well as most other after market Mustang II kits.


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